The chessmail Terms of Use

1. General about chessmail

chessmail is an internet service where people can play chess online. chessmail is not a public system, but a club with the possibility for guests to visit.

2. Availability of the system

The operator does not guarantee the availability of the system, including the related services such as chess, e-mail and forum.

3. Creation and handling of accounts

To play at chessmail, people can create access accounts. To create an account with chessmail, the person must be at least 16 years old, or there must be parental consent.

An account includes a member name, which is the person's online pseudonym. Persons may create several access accounts with chessmail.

It is not allowed,

  • to play scoring games against yourself with multiple accounts,
  • be a member with multiple accounts in different clubs, or
  • participate in a tournament with multiple accounts at the same time.

It is not allowed to gain scoring points by playing fictitious games.

If such a case is discovered, this can lead to the fact that all accounts of the person are blocked and the person is excluded from the use of chessmail.

4. Behaviour and exclusion of users

The user agrees to refrain from insulting, harassing, threatening or damaging another user or any other person in any way via chessmail.

We reserve the right, without giving reasons:

  • Delete posts from the forum,
  • end and delete games,
  • to exclude accounts from using the chessmail forum, and
  • exclude persons from using chessmail.

Any account for the chessmail forum or chessmail can be blocked and deleted, whose owner makes personal attacks in the forum or violates the chessmail terms of use in any way.

So-called "troll posts", i.e. posts which do not contribute to the topic but which above all have the aim of provoking further reactions, can result in exclusion from the chessmail forum or chessmail. (see also: Wikipedia, Troll (Net culture))

Content created by users, such as forum entries or messages, may only be created in chessmail in German and English. English. Content created by users in other languages may be deleted.

Content on the subject of politics and religion is not permitted in the chessmail forum or in other content published by users and may be deleted.

5. Copyright in content created by users

All contributions and publications by users must respect copyright. In the event of an infringement of copyright, the publications concerned will be deleted and the user may be denied access to the chessmail forum.

The notation of chess games is not subject to copyright, so commented games are allowed if the comments were made by the user himself.

6. Clubs

"Clubs" can be created in chessmail as a group of users. Clubs have an internal forum, which is only accessible from the can be described to the respective club members. Club administrators can create tournaments and moderate the club's internal forum.

Clubs can be closed without giving reasons by the chessmail operator.

Further Information

You can find further information about chessmail in our

Help section