Doppeltes Muzio Gambit

Round: 2, Status: Running

Group 1

Participants RAD mot due Points
RADU 0 1 1 1   3.0
motorknight 0 1 1 1   3.0
duennbraddel 0 0 0 0 0.0

Group 2 *

Tournament Rules of Doppeltes Muzio Gambit

Conditions of participation

These are the requirements for participation in the tournament:

  • At least 10 games played at chessmail

Registration to the tournament and cancel an existing registration is possible until one hour before the start of the tournament. At least 3 participants are needed to start the tournament.

Use of tools

It must be used no chess computer or engine to find the chess moves in this tournament. Other aids, such as books, opening databases and the free board are allowed.

Tournament mode

In every round groups are created with a maximum of 5 players. The players in the groups play against each other, two games with both colors. Group winners qualify for the next round. There may be more than one group winner.

Games are rated as follows. Win: 1 point, Draw: ½ point, Loss: 0 points.

Game mode

The games will start automatically with the following settings:

  • Two games with both colors
  • Thinking Time: 3 days/move
  • Friendly Game

You can make a pause during the tournament. Pauses are declared in the user settings.

Tournament direction

The tournament is mostly accomplished automatically. It will be directed by the club power premium spezial , represented by member duennbraddel.

Additions to the rules by the tournament direction

Eine der wahrscheinlich aggressivsten Eröffnungen, ohne komplett unspielbar zu sein, ist das Doppel-Muzio-Gambit im Königsgambit, das zwei Figuren auf f7 für einen wildesten Eröffnungsangriff opfert. Es entsteht nach den Zügen: 1. e4 e5 2. f4 exf4 3. Sf3 g5 4. Lc4 g4 5. O-O! gxf3 6. Dxf3 Df6 7. e5 Dxe5 8. Lxf7+!!?